Fast & Smart Command Bar for AWS Console

Navigate through AWS Console with speed. Easily find resources, perform actions with single keystrokes. Designed for power users.

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Speed up your AWS workflow

Find resources cross regions. Fast.

Was that in us-east-1? Or us-west-2? No need to remember. Just type the name of the resource and CloudTempo will find it for you.


Pure action

Save your time navigating through the console. Jump into desired part of the console straight from the command bar. Just type it.

Query Language

Find precisely what you're looking for with our query language. Filter by name, service type, region and more.


Misstakesss happen

Even to me. I know, typing is hard. CloudTempo got you covered. Thanks to fuzzy matching, we'll find that pesky resource hiding in the console.

Trusted by AWS experts

CloudTempo gives me a massive advantage with debugging serverless architectures. I used to click around in the console to find buckets, functions and tables, but now just jump straight to the resource I need. 10/10, would recommend!

Marek KuczynskiMarek Kuczyński
ex-AWS Strategic Accounts Solutions Architect


Favourites (Done ✅)

Your favourite resources always at your fingertips.


Refer to resources with a friendly names.

Tags & Resource Groups support

Probably the best ways to organize resources in the console

More supported services

In the meantime, majority of AWS services will be supported.

Query Language Improvements

Even more powerful query language. Query by runtime, status, description, etc.


Extends the functionality of the platform.

Plugins Directory

Discover and install plugins from a central repository.

See whole roadmap on Github

Supported Services

CloudTempo works with following services. Focusing on a small set of Serverless-related services first.

AWS Lambda FunctionsAWS Lambda Functions
AWS DynamoDB TablesAWS DynamoDB Tables
Amazon S3 BucketsAmazon S3 Buckets
AWS CloudFormation StacksAWS CloudFormation Stacks
AWS Cloudwatch AlarmsAWS Cloudwatch Alarms
AWS Cloudwatch LogsAWS Cloudwatch Logs
Amazon EC2 InstancesAmazon EC2 Instances
Amazon EC2 Load BalancersAmazon EC2 Load Balancers (Soon!)
Amazon EC2 Auto ScalingAmazon EC2 Auto Scaling (Soon!)
Amazon VPCsAmazon VPCs
Amazon VPC SubnetsAmazon VPC Subnets
Amazon VPC Security GroupsAmazon VPC Security Groups
Amazon ECS ClustersAmazon ECS Clusters
Amazon ECS ServicesAmazon ECS Services
Amazon ECS Task DefinitionsAmazon ECS Task Definitions (Soon!)
Amazon EKS ClustersAmazon EKS Clusters (Soon!)
Amazon ApiGateway APIsAmazon ApiGateway APIs (Soon!)
Amazon SNS TopicsAmazon SNS Topics
AWS RDS ClustersAWS RDS Clusters (Soon!)
AWS DAX ClustersAWS DAX Clusters
Amazon Aurora InstancesAmazon Aurora Instances (Soon!)
Amazon Cognito PoolsAmazon Cognito Pools (Soon!)
AWS Step FunctionsAWS Step Functions (Soon!)
Amazon KinesisAmazon Kinesis (Soon!)
AWS AmplifyAWS Amplify (Soon!)
AWS AppSync APIsAWS AppSync APIs (Soon!)
AWS Secrets Manager SecretsAWS Secrets Manager Secrets (Soon!)
Amazon Elasticsearch ClustersAmazon Elasticsearch Clusters (Soon!)

Pricing & Plans

Basic plan for people with limited set of accounts. Pro plan for people juggling a lot of accounts.

  • Up to 3 AWS Identities
  • Cross-region search
  • All features & updates
  • Email support
  • Up to 25 AWS Identities
  • Cross-region search
  • All features & updates
  • Email support
Depending on your country's tax rules, additional VAT/GST may be added to the final amount.

Frequently asked questions

It's not magic. Asking questions is the first way to begin a change.

How CloudTempo works?

CloudTempo is a browser extension. Once you've installed it from the Chrome Web Store, head to your AWS Console and press CMD / CTRL + K. Then, type anything you like.

Do I need to provide my AWS credentials?

No, it's completely zero-setup. CloudTempo uses your current identity that you're using to visit your AWS Console. You don't have to provide any kind of long-lived credentials or authorize anything new.

Is it safe? Does it store my credentials or send them somewhere?

Yes, it is safe. Because we value privacy, CloudTempo works 100% locally without communicating with any external servers. All the indexing data is stored encrypted on *your* computer. You own the data.

Can I try for free? Do I have to pay?

Yes! You can try CloudTempo for free for 7 days. Simply download it and head to AWS Console. After that period, you'll have to pay.

What's your cancellation policy

If you no longer wish to use CloudTempo, you may cancel at any time, and we will not bill you again.

Free 7-days trial • No email or credit card required